As we walk anywhere in our community, we can see different figures and objects but  we overlook the importance of it. Every  activity in our daily life we always have a beginning and  an end, but problems may occur any time. Now lets open our mind and look around. We can see many objects  and things around,  isn’t it ?  Will you please open these link so you can now compare your ideas to what you have seen around you. Click  these   link to open  ,

What figures  can you form ? What geometric figure is best related to the trees?        Here are some additional pictures that will give you more idea.

Now ,  take a look to the different  photos above and make a  comparison  one  from the other.  The five pictures have the same figure in common isn’t it ?  What is the common geometric figure ?  Is it an isosceles triangle? If that is so then, these remind us that geometric figures are found everywhere only because we are not giving importance in it.

Again, observe carefully the last two pictures.  Make one paragraph describing the relationship between them.

You are reminded of the different kinds of triangles and they are as follows: right triangle, scalene triangle, obtuse triangle, and the isosceles triangle. We will concentrate now in a right triangle, isosceles right triangle in particular. Shall we take a look to this video from youtube- Pythagorean theorem movie, click this to  

What insight,  idea can you share to the group regarding the video you’ve seen?   Here are some videos  as a comparison to the first in order to broaden our mind and concept on pythagorean theorem,  please click this    , ,

Perhaps this time you are more enlighten with this examples and you are now ready to apply the concept as we deal with the quadratic  formula.